When duty of care falls to you, don't wait until something goes wrong.

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Eliminate gaps in travel coverage, care, and intelligence now.

International travel always carries an element of risk, and insurance only kicks in after an emergency happens. ​It doesn’t help you avoid medical and security risks before ​they happen, or give your people the support they’ll need ​during their distress. It’s not enough to be reactive when ​sending employees and students abroad. Let them know ​they are actively taken care of.

Get a full network of support that’s nimble, comprehensive, and connected.

Medical Assistance

Virtual care, emergency services, and in-person care assistance from our extensive network of practicing doctors and nurses.

Security Assistance

Pre-travel intelligence, help on the ground, security protocol, and risk mitigation based on the traveller’s profile, the destination culture, and purpose of the trip.

Travel Assistance

24/7 support for travellers on their journey facing disruptions such as canceled flights, lost bags, natural disasters, geopolitical events and rental car accidents.

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Your 24/7 travel protection team.

For more than 30 years, World Travel Protection ​has helped travelers, expatriates, and ​organisations wisely prepare for travel as well as prevent and mitigate risks. With 24/7 support, ​we provide immediate access to the right experts ​whenever trouble arises, and even provide follow-up services once a traveler returns home.

Our Command Centers staffed with full-time ​registered nurses, paramedics, doctors, and ​security professionals tap into our extensive ​GlobalCare Network, so you and your team will ​get expert, immediate help no matter where ​you’re located.

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Signing up or switching is simple.

Here’s how to get covered:

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Get a quote.

Fill out our quick form to let us know what type of ​coverage you’re looking for, and a member of our ​team will reach out to discuss specific details for a ​custom plan.

Get coverage.

Once you’ve reviewed our proposal and decided ​to move forward, we’ll coordinate everything to ​get you up and running seamlessly – even if ​you’re switching from another provider.

Get peace of mind.

With World Travel Protection on your team, your travelers will be equipped, protected, and ​confident, no matter what.

Quality assistance and fast, expert service, whenever, wherever you need it.

24/7 Support

Easy-to-use App

Real-time security and risk updates

Doctors, nurses & paramedics who practice in EDs, trauma centers and medical retrieval

Location scouting, security assessments and intelligence briefing

Cultural, engagement and security training

Trauma and welfare counselling

Insurance alone is not enough.
Your people are too important to risk.

Not every travel risk management company is the same. You may be paying too much, or be ill-prepared when problems arise.

Request a quote today so you can mitigate risk and bring your people home safely.

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