Our emergency assistance team is ready to respond to medical emergencies or security threats as they happen.

Emergency travel assistance can help take the stress out of travelling by providing peace of mind in case of an emergency. At World Travel Protection we put the health and well-being of travellers at the forefront of everything we do.

We continually monitor potential risks and threats around the world that may impact travel plans so we can alert the traveller with any possible dangers. While at the same time, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year by giving us a call or by alerting us to trouble via the Travel Assist app.

Investing in emergency travel assistance can help to mitigate risks and give peace of mind to travel managers and their travellers. And should an incident of any kind occur, our 24/7 emergency assistance team is ready to respond.

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Our Emergency Travel Assistance Command Centres

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Our global emergency travel assistance Command Centres have access to world-class technology and travel risk management intelligence that allows us to be the first to know if there is a country threat, before they affect travellers or their risk managers. Whether there is a natural disaster or a political or security event occurring during a participant’s travel, we will know about it fast.

Should a potential threat interfere with our travellers’ plans or intersect with their current location, we’ll share our insights and expert recommendations in real time. On the ground travellers will receive push notifications via our Travel Assist App and their risk managers will be notified through their Travel Assist Portal.

This proactive, insight-driven approach to mitigating potential risks not only empowers travellers to make smarter choices on what to do and where to go next, but also keeps those responsible for them informed.

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Supporting Travellers 24 Hours a Day

Our World Travel Protection Command Centres don’t only help travellers and their risk management teams mitigate or avoid travel risks and security threats, our staff also support travellers during a medical emergency or travel disruption aboard. Should our travellers need emergency medical assistance, they can contact our expert Command Centre team in seconds via our Travel Assist App or call our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Hotline on +612 8907 5250. Key facts about our emergency travel assistance services:


The number of calls for help we receive on an annual basis


The number of commercial repatriations and evacuations we conduct each year


The number of emergency assistance cases we handle every year


The number of seconds in which we answer 80 percent of our incoming calls

We have dedicated emergency travel assistance Command Centres located in Brisbane (Australia), Toronto (Canada) and London (UK). We also have a supporting Assistance Centre in Buenos Aires (Argentina) via our sister company Universal Assistance.

These global emergency travel assistance Command Centres are staffed with over 200 highly qualified personnel, including doctors, registered nurses and registered paramedics, and security, case managers and logistics professionals who operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Prevent Emergencies Before They Happen

At World Travel Protection, we support travelling personnel and their risk managers by considering all ‘reasonably foreseeable’ medical situations that may occur while they’re abroad and help mitigate any travel medical risks.

Our expert team’s preventative is possible thanks to:

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Individual Traveller Assessments

To help manage travel risks, we take into consideration the endemic health risks of the location our travellers are visiting, identify the medical infrastructure available to them in that country or area, and review the health profile of the traveller. This helps our team provide customised travel risk management solutions when and if they’re needed.
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Our Travel Assist App

The pre-trip advisory tools available via our World Travel Protection Travel Assist App are pushed to our travelling personnel via in-app alert notifications, helping them prepare for their trip. Learning about a destination before arrival helps mitigate risks, minimising the likelihood of medical or travel emergencies occurring.

Travel Assist App & Portal

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Our Worldwide 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services In Action

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