We are World Travel Protection

Protecting travellers – and supporting those responsible for their safety – is our business.

Looking for an assistance company you can trust? Our experienced World Travel Protection team is dedicated to providing expert medical, travel and security assistance for travellers and expatriates before, during and after they travel.

By helping travellers prevent and mitigate risks – and get the help they need whenever and wherever they need it – our travellers and their risk managers feel empowered, supported, and safe.

Why Choose World Travel Protection?

We have a long-standing history of helping travellers and their risk managers

At World Travel Protection, protecting people is our priority. We have taken care of corporate and leisure travellers for over 30 years, helping them prevent and mitigate risks before they escalate and providing them with immediate access to the right experts when an emergency occurs.

Our decades of experience in global travel risk management is the reason we are trusted by travellers and organisations across the globe, who allow us to help prepare them for potential travel threats and assist them when they need it most.

We provide travellers with worldwide 24-hour emergency medical and security assistance

If travellers need emergency help, our medical and security experts are only a phone call away. We have a team of full-time registered nurses, registered paramedics, doctors, intensive care workers and security professionals who are experts in emergency assistance. This means our travellers get the help they need, fast.

Our experts are based in dedicated Command Centres in Australia, Canada, the UK, and in Argentina via our sister company Universal Assistance, where they provide travellers with access to immediate advice and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

World Travel Protection office

We are experts in travel risk management – not only emergency assistance

Travel assistance isn’t only about helping travellers once disaster strikes – it’s also about empowering them to mitigate risks before they occur. We stay ahead of potential risks affecting our travellers by conducting important medical or security risk analysis and reporting on a daily basis.

Because our world is in a constant state of change, it’s important we support our travellers and their risk managers in mitigating emerging medical and security risks, such as pandemics, civil or political unrest, severe weather events, terrorist acts, major transport accidents, or industrial action.

Our World Travel Protection risk experts also help prepare travellers pre-trip with our travel risk training, procedures and policies. This not only empowers the traveller, but keeps them safe and aware of potential risks while they’re away from home.

We provide travellers with access to our world-class technology platforms

Our World Travel Protection team is at the forefront of utilising technology to enhance travel risk management and innovations for our clients. We help support our travellers via our:

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Global Care Database

If our travellers need help away from home, we can help them find it. Our industry-leading network includes more than 85,000 medical and security providers located on every continent. To ensure the providers continue to meet our high-standards, our team of qualified staff evaluates our critical providers biennially and conduct in-person, on-site inspections to any that meet our criteria.

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Travel Assist App

Thanks to our app’s geo-location capability, our Command Centres can monitor our travellers’ whereabouts and send targeted travel alerts to their smartphones. At the simple press of the ‘emergency’ button, travellers can reach our team immediately if they find themselves in imminent danger.

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Travel Assist Portal

Our advanced risk management portal allows state-of-the-art tracking and 3-way communication between our expert team, our travellers and their risk managers to identify, monitor and manage relevant global risks in one integrated place.

We provide true worldwide support

We have been part of Cover-More Group – a global travel insurance and traveller assistance company – for over 30 years. During this time, we have helped Cover-More Group provide more than 15 million leisure and business travellers with access to world-class emergency medical assistance and health support each year.

In 2017, we became part of the Zurich Insurance Group – one of the world’s leading multi-line insurers. This global partnership further helps our travellers by providing them with access to 24/7 centres around the world, as well as a network of correspondents and accredited providers to help support them when they need it most.

Let Us Help Keep You Safe While You Travel

If you’d like our help with mitigating travel risks and emergency travel assistance, fill out the form below today. Our friendly team will reach out and take you through our quality travel assistance services and leading Travel Risk Management Solutions.