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Travelling with Diabetes

Whether for work or pleasure, travel can and should be fun. And having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the experience. It is estimated that around 8.5% of the world’s adult population have some form of diabetes*, which means there lots of people out there who manage their condition globally. With good planning,…

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Top Tips for Family Adventures

Family holidays are often some of our most cherished memories. Exploring a new place with your children can make the experience just that extra bit special. But while preparing for any trip for yourself takes time and research, prepping for a kid-friendly holiday can take a little more effort just to keep everything running smoothly,…

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How to Survive Music Festivals

From Coachella in the valleys of California to Splendour in the Grass set at the infamous Byron Bay, music festivals are an excellent excuse to travel and see the world. While it’s easy to get carried away watching some of your favourite bands live on stage in a new and exciting place, it’s also important…


Escaping Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an instant way to ruin any trip. Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, fighting fevers, vomiting and diarrhoea is not the way you want to be spending your time. Food poisoning, which is the colloquial term for food-borne illness, is defined as an illness caused by eating contaminated food. And while…

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Ensuring a Healthy Flight

Flying can be very exhausting and can sometimes lead to serious consequences. The demand for air travel is set to double in the next 2 decades according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).   It is important to be prepared and be aware of any health issues you have.  Staying healthy on board will…

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Leave Your Jetlag on the Plane

Whether you’re arriving at your destination or coming home, travelling forward in time or back, jetlag is something we all want to avoid. While it can be much of a conversation piece the truth is the insomnia, exhaustion and stress that can come with jetlag can quickly extinguish any post-holiday buzz. But there is good…


Vaccinations – Be Safe, Not Sorry

Amidst the detailed planning and preparation that goes into any overseas work trip, it’s important to also take time to ensure you’re protecting your health and wellbeing. Vaccinations are an essential part of this—but often one that can be overlooked until the last minute. To make sure you don’t fall into the trap we’ve developed…

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How to Avoid Stressful Airport Experiences

I think most of us would agree, our lives juggling work, family and everything in between are already stressful enough. Adding a work trip to the mix, no matter how frequently you travel, can sometimes be enough to send us over the edge. To keep your head space clear for the task ahead, we’ve put together our top tips for being prepared and keeping stress at bay on your next flight.