TravelCheck displays up-to-date risk and infection scores, at-a-glance information on travel destinations and need-to-know information on departure and arrival requirements, as well as the COVID-19 policies of 75+ major airlines.

Before the pandemic, tickets were booked months in advance and travellers only had to worry about finding their passport and managing some jet lag. Now the travel process has a 72-hour cycle to ensure all COVID requirements are understood and met before boarding the plane. 

To make things even more complicated, the COVID infodemic highlighted the need for immediate access to reliable, verified 24/7 risk intelligence that monitors travel requirements and movement disruptors to make an educated decision on if the traveller should – or even could – board the plane.

TravelCheck gives you that trusted information to help you plan your trip. Where do you want to go next?

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World Travel Protection COVID Support

World Travel Protection has continued to support travellers throughout the pandemic. Despite complications with border closures and ever-changing entry requirements, our team of medical, security and operations experts continue to support travellers with international and domestic trips.

We are a trusted source for travel safety and intelligence. Our TravelCheck’s COVID intelligence is powered by Riskline. With thousands of verification checks and over 400 policy updates each day, TravelCheck’s COVID-19 data is 100% human verified, ensuring you have reliable information for planning and preparing to travel safely.

As global travel resumes, we are here to help organisations and travellers prepare for their next trip. From accessing this free TravelCheck service through to managing fluid COVID travel restrictions and understanding the long-term impacts of COVID, you can leverage our expertise in travel risk management before your next trip.

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