Understanding The ISO 31030 Guidance

The travel risk policy guideline to help protect your business travellers.

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISO 31030 is an industry first guidance with a best practice framework for travel risk management that every organisation should carefully consider. This document provides a formal approach to the development, execution, and evaluation for an organisation to expose its risk gaps. It is a globally recognised standard for travel risk and World Travel Protection has created a one-of-a-kind ISO 31030 Self-Audit tool that accompanies it.

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ISO 31030 FAQs

ISO 31030:2021 is an industry-first best practice framework that helps organisations evaluate and manage their travel risks effectively. The guidance document was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and provides a structured approach to manage risks associated with travel. It covers policy development, program implementation, threat identification, risk assessment, and prevention/mitigation strategies.

Organisations use the guidance document to benchmark their travel risk policies, determine if they are fulfilling their legal duty of care obligations, and ensure their travellers are safe. ISO 31030 allows travel managers to identify threats and opportunities and take ownership of travel risk.

Contrary to popular belief, ISO 31030 is not certifiable. It simply offers a travel risk management framework to organisations to ensure their travel policies are up to date. However, our team has developed a self-audit tool based on this guidance that breaks down the 48-page document leaving you with actionable steps. Additionally, many organizations rely on our expert consulting services to ensure that their policies are up to date and in line with ISO 31030.

ISO 31030 is applicable for organisations of any type, regardless of their size or industry sector, as long as they have a travelling population. This includes commercial businesses, charitable and not-for-profit organisations, governmental agencies, and academic institutions. The guidance document is designed to be adaptable to a broad range of settings that travel managers or those responsible for the safety of their travellers should be using.

This document does not apply to tourism and leisure-related travel, except in relation to people travelling on behalf of the organization.

How Can ISO 31030 Help Your Organisation?

The risks facing travellers today might not be the ones they face tomorrow, but a robust travel risk management program will help organisations be prepared. ISO 31030 will help you determine if your travel risk policy is good enough to fulfil your duty of care obligations.

It will also:

• Reduce legal and financial vulnerability for travel to high-risk locations
• Improve employee confidence in travel-related health, safety and security arrangements
• Contribute to business continuity capability and resilience
• Demonstrate the organisation’s ability to control its travel-related risks effectively and efficiently
• Addressing expectations in terms of the security and stability of their supply chain

ISO 31030 & Duty of Care
Exclusive ISO 31030 Webinar

Key Takeaways in this 25-minute Webinar:

  • How to know if your Travel Risk Management policy is up-to-date
  • How to identify current (and ever-changing) travel risks
  • How to adapt policies based on lessons learned and near misses
  • Leveraging ISO 31030 to best prepare travelling employees
  • The role both organisations and their employees play in responsible travel
The ISO 31030 Self-Audit Tool

The ISO 31030 is the first globally recognised standard for travel risk and World Travel Protection has created a one-of-a-kind ISO 31030 self-audit tool that accompanies it.

The self-audit tool breaks down concepts within the 48-page ISO 31030 document more simply, provides prompts, and asks real questions that provide context as to whether your organisation’s travel risk management policy protects your people and fulfills your duty of care obligations.

Additionally, for a limited time, we’re adding two free hours of consulting with one of our security experts who will listen to your unique concerns, guide you through the ISO 31030 audit process, and leave you with recommendations for improvements.

Interested in learning more? Start by gaining access to the ISO 31030 self-audit guide and we’ll be in touch.

Why use the tool?

  • Understand why ISO 31030 is important to your organisation and your risk
  • Understand your duty of care responsibilities and how to align your travellers
  • Learn how to fulfill these duties using the educate, locate and communicate framework

Included in the tool:

  • Assessment instructions
  • Gap analysis checklist
  • Performance rating
  • Compliance dashboard
  • Audit report

Download the ISO 31030 Self-Audit Guide +2 Free Hours of Consulting

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