Travel Checklist

Plan your next domestic or international trip with our handy checklist. Designed by our travel assistance experts to help you with everything will need to do before you leave home.

Don’t panic! Plan ahead with our pre-travel checklist

Travelling for work or pleasure is one of life’s greatest experiences. But when you’re already juggling work, life and family, adding in the extra stress of a work trip can be enough to get anyone a little flustered.

Instead of panicking, we suggest compiling a list! Before taking off make sure you’ve checked off each of our below points and we’re sure you’ll arrive composed—and ready to take on the world.

Visas & Entry Requirements

We live in a world where things are changing rapidly, and constantly. For travellers this can mean the entry and cost requirements for certain countries can be amended swiftly without much notice. Before your next trip make sure to double check with your travel agent if you require any visas – even if you’ve visited the place before.


It’s always best to check with your doctor before you leave on what vaccinations you might need for your trip. Some countries actually require you to have certain vaccinations before they will allow you to enter which is especially pertinent if you are travelling to Asia or Latin America. Keep your vaccination card safely stored with your travel documents just in case any authorities ask to see this while travelling.


If you require medication on a trip, don’t leave filling your prescription to the last minute. Plan for how long you will be away (and a little extra, just in case!). A prescription note from your doctor is also a good idea just in case you are asked by border security for proof of what your medication contains and especially if you require the medication with you on a plane.


Some banks are now very quick to disable your card if it’s used in another country without their prior knowledge of your travel arrangements. Great for security, but not so good if you’re stuck without access to cash. Be safe and speak to your bank prior to leaving and always make sure you have more than one card option.


Put everything important ONLINE. From your passport to itineraries, insurance policy numbers to warranties – having a digital copy if anything goes wrong will make your life easier. Our new Travel Assist App is a great way to store your docs securely on your phone – so you can have everything in the palm of your hand. You can find out more about the app here.

So, there you go, our ultimate pre-travel checklist.