NAVIGATE, the Podcast: Traversing the Globe with World Travel Protection

Looking for the best travel podcast to inspire your upcoming adventures while also helping you travel smarter? Listen to NAVIGATE – the top travel podcast that enhances the way you explore the world.

Each episode, our World Travel Protection host speaks with a travel industry expert or experienced everyday traveller to bring you thought-provoking travel insights, experiences and advice, helping empower you to travel the world with confidence.

#5: Unravelling the pandemic’s effect on mental health

How do uncertain times affect our mental health? Has the global coronavirus pandemic altered our ability to cope with everyday stressors?

Join integrative psychotherapist and advanced craniosacral therapist Charlotte Copeland as she shares her expert tips on navigating mental wellbeing during stressful times.

#4: How do journalists avoid risk on the job?

When a disaster strikes, reporters don’t seek out safety – they run towards the danger zone instead. So, how do they manage to chase a story while also avoiding risk?

Here, Colin Pereira – Director of HP Risk Management – explains the role media safety specialists play in keeping journalists safe in dangerous situations.

#3: The realities of the tourism “death zone”

Want to know what it’s like to climb the world’s highest peak? Or what it’s like to travel through remote regions that are a week’s walk away from civilisation?

Join Leeds Beckett University PhD research student Jase Wilson as he shares the thrilling – and often risky – world of academic research occurring in the tourism “death zone”.

#2: The thrills – and dangers – of business travel

A career that takes you all over the world sounds exhilarating, but the reality of travelling for work brings about a number of challenges.

Listen in as world champion waterski jumper Jacinta Carroll details the highs and lows of business travel, as well as the risky situation she once found herself in while competing in Russia…

#1: Has COVID-19 increased fraudulent activity?

The coronavirus pandemic has created a variety of health-related issues, but has it also caused an increase in fraud-related activity?

Join leading fraud expert Jim Gee as he highlights the opportunities COVID-19 has created for scammers and the resulting challenges this has placed on businesses.

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