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Looking for the best travel podcast to inspire your upcoming adventures while also helping you travel smarter? Listen to NAVIGATE – the top travel podcast that enhances the way you explore the world.

In each episode, our World Travel Protection host speaks with a travel industry expert or experienced everyday traveller to bring you thought-provoking travel insights, experiences and advice, helping empower you to travel the world with confidence.

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NAVIGATE world travel protection LGBTQIA+ travel safety podcast - inclusive pride flag banner

#27: Safe Travel Series | Sydney WorldPride & LGBTQIA+ travel

As Australia welcomes visitors from around the world, we discuss travel safety within the LGBTQIA+ community. Join us to understand the importance individual risk profiles play in overall safety.

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#26: Sustainability in Aviation for Businesses and Travellers

Is it possible for aviation to become the most sustainable mode of transportation? Listen to this episode to learn why aviation decarbonisation expert Dr Alejandro Block thinks so.

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#25: Safe Travel Series | Visiting Qatar for the FIFA World Cup

With only a few weeks left to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar – here’s what you need to know. From language and dress code through to alcohol and law enforcement.

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Mexico city

#24: Safe Travel Series | Visiting Mexico

Hear from 50+ years of experience living and working in Mexico to learn about different kinds of kidnapping (and how likely they are to happen) as well as other destination-specific travel safety tips.

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beach with two sun loungers and an umbrella

#23: Summer Travel Trends with Travelex Insurance

Are your travel skills a bit rusty? Many people are travelling long distance for the first time in years – here are the trends you need to know to set yourself up for a relaxing trip.

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Ukraine flags

#22: Firsthand experiences in Ukraine | Part 2

Veteran Kate MacEachern sits with us during a short break home after spending months in Ukraine. She shares her experience helping those most in need through the support team, The Canada Way.

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Ukraine flags

#21: Firsthand experiences in Ukraine | Part 1

In this interview, we hear from GM Risk Group who first deployed teams in January and continue to provide on-the-ground support to their clients today.

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train station in new york city

#20: Research your trip like a former intelligence officer

In this episode, we cover seven different types of travel risk you should be monitoring and three components to a robust intelligence report.

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business man on the phone in the backseat of a car

#19: From Reactive to Proactive: A Changing Travel Industry

In this episode, industry experts discuss how the travel safety industry has evolved from being reactive to proactive and how technology has propelled this shift.

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travellers with luggage in an airport

#18: Common Traveller Safety Mistakes

What do you research before jumping on a plane? Listen to this episode for the common mistakes travellers make when it comes to their safety and how to prepare like a risk expert for your next trip.

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Kabul Afghanistan evacuation

#17: Evacuating Afghanistan to escape from the Taliban

When the Taliban returned to Kabul, conflict expert Jill Kornetsky made the tough decision to leave as part of the US led evacuation effort. Listen for her story and safety tips when in high-risk destinations.

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Matterhorn mountain

#16: Traveller Story: Medical Evacuation

Would you trust your crisis response plan with your life? One traveller had to after an intense climbing fall on the Matterhorn mountain. Listen for his story and lessons learned.

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Private plane for medical repatriation

#15: Mile High Medicine Part 2 | Fit to Fly

Are you ‘fit to fly’? Evacuation experts take us through the complex process behind successful medical repatriations and the most common reasons for needing one.

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plane full of business and leisure travellers

#14: Mile High Medicine Part 1 | Medical Emergencies on Planes

“Is there a doctor onboard?” Listen to this episode to learn what goes behind the scenes when there’s a medical emergency with – and without – a doctor on the plane.

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student travellers at the railway station

#13: Will COVID-19 Change International Student Travel?

International travel programs are a popular aspect of university education. We turn to an adult learning expert and university travel manager for their insight into student travel resuming after borders reopen.

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New Orleans French Quarter street at sunset

#12: Is Travellers Insurance Important?

What is travel health insurance cover and why do you need it? A Cover-More Travel Insurance expert reveals the answers, plus learn from an unlucky traveller’s cautionary tale.

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AMFRE air ambulance planes

#11: Coordinating Evacuations During COVID – Part 2

How do medical assistance providers organise safe evacuations? Tune in as AMREF Flying Doctors share insights on their day-to-day working life.

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AMREF covid safe medical evacuation

#10: Coordinating Evacuations During COVID – Part 1

What’s involved in coordinating an evacuation? Listen as the AMREF Flying Doctors reveal the challenges of medical assistance during COVID-19.

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Business people talking covid safe

#9: One Year of COVID – and Preparing for Year Two

What’s life like after one year of COVID? How do we prepare for year two? Listen to experts cover the latest in lockdowns, travel bans and new travel risks.

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How covid changed plane travel

#8: How COVID-19 has Changed Travel

Planning to travel as the borders re-open? Listen to this podcast episode reveal the impacts of COVID on travel, increased travel risks, and how to travel safely.

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People running international business meeting during covid

#7: How to Run a Global Business During COVID-19

COVID has created unique global business challenges. So how do you manage international programs during a pandemic? Tune in now to learn.

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Managing mental health via exercise

#6: How to Manage Mental Health and Stress Responses

Feeling stressed or isolated? Listen to this episode for expert mental health and wellbeing tips on managing the impacts of COVID and pandemic fatigue.

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COVID-19's impact on mental health

#5: Mental Health Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Has COVID-19 affected your mental health? Listen as a psychotherapist discusses stress symptoms and stress management techniques to support wellbeing.

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Journalist in war zone avoiding risk

#4: How do Journalists Avoid Risk on the Job?

It’s one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. So how do journalists stay safe while chasing a risky story? A media safety expert reveals all on NAVIGATE.

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Tourism death zone mountain climbing safely

#3: How to Travel Safely in the Tourism “Death Zone”

Want to climb Mount Everest or tackle K2? Discover the reality and risks experienced by one academic researcher based in this tourism “death zone”.

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Female water skiing behind boat

#2: How to Manage the Risks of Business Travel

Think global business travel is all fun? A world champion waterski jumper reveals the travel risks solo female business travellers need to be aware of.

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Business man on laptop

#1: Has COVID-19 Increased Fraudulent Activity?

COVID has created health problems, but has it also increased fraud-related activity? Our crime experts talk about new travel cybercrimes and scams.

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