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Air ambulance ground transfer evacuation

How COVID-19 Affected Critical Supply Chains

September 2021

While most air travel completely stopped during the pandemic, how have air ambulance providers adapted to travel restrictions and changing safety guidelines? Here, World Travel Protection’s Canada President, Will McAleer, shares his expert thoughts.

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World Travel Protection Expands into UK Market

World Travel Protection Expands Into the UK

July 2021

Our travel risk management services are now available in the UK. The expansion into this key market comes as borders reopen and international travel resumes, ensuring Britain-based organisations have the right support in place to travel safely.

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Paul Trotter World Travel Protection Secuirty and Intelligence Lead

Growing Global Security and Intelligence Capabilities

July 2021

To help further support organisations looking to reduce travel risks, we’ve appointed new security and intelligence lead, Paul Trotter. Based at the Brisbane Command Centre, Paul brings extensive experience in complex political environments to the role.

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ISO 31030 travel safety compliance guidance

Travel Safety Compliance with the New ISO 31030 Guidance

June 2021

How can organisations safely resume travel after the pandemic? Our Regional Security Director, Frank Harrison, shares how best practice models and the upcoming ISO 31030 guidance can provide additional support and reassurance.

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Female business traveller with COVID mask at airport

Revealed: COVID’s Impact on Socio-Economic Instability

June 2021

How has the global coronavirus pandemic changed business travel? And are organisations prepared for new corporate travel risks created by COVID? Our travel security expert Frank Harrison shares his thoughts.

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Male travellers checking boarding pass at airport

10 Ways Travel Will Change Post-COVID

May 2021

What will travel look like when the world adjusts to a “new normal”? Our travel security expert Rodger Cook reveals the new dangers you need to be aware of, and how to adequately prepare for your trip in 2021 and beyond…

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Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand planes on tarmac

Is it Safe to Travel to New Zealand Right Now?

April 2021

How risky is it for Australians to travel to New Zealand? And is it safe to book a flight? Our travel security expert responds to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s recent COVID travel advice on trans-Tasman travel.

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Female and male business travellers at airport

A New World: How COVID Changed Corporate Travel

April 2021

With international travel restarting around the globe, our security expert looks at how the pandemic has changed the travel rules and regulations for corporate and academic travellers around the world.

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Male business traveller with mask catching train

Corporate Travel Risk Assessments During COVID

March 2021

Are you travelling for work or study? The global coronavirus pandemic has not only created new rules and regulations for business travellers, but fraud- and crime-related risks that didn’t exist previously…

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Female holding up Australian passport

When will Australians be Able to Travel Internationally?

March 2021

Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout is underway, but when will its citizens be able to travel abroad? Our CEO, Adrian Leach, joins other travel industry experts in predicting when the country’s borders will finally open…

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Business people walking in building

Why COVID Passports Provide Extra “Peace of Mind”

February 2021

Could coronavirus vaccination passports restore confidence within the travel industry? Our CEO reveals why COVID immunisation records should be expedited to support Australian business and leisure travel

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COVID mask and test proof for travel

Vaccination Certificates: Your New Passport to Travel?

February 2021

The Australian Government plans to introduce COVID vaccination certificates to help re-open its borders and boost tourism. Find out what our CEO, Adrian Leach, has to say about Australian immunisation passports.

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Female and Male business travellers at airport

World Travel Protection Partners with Zurich Insurance

October 2020

Zurich Insurance Group has selected our expert assistance team as the global assistance provider for its new comprehensive business travel product offering. Discover what this new partnership means for corporate travellers.

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Female nurse testing a patient for COVID

Expert Business Travel Tips for Staying Safe During COVID

September 2020

Whether you’re travelling for business domestically or internationally, there are new travel risks to mitigate. Discover our medical expert’s advice for travelling safely during the pandemic, plus what to do if you test positive for COVID while travelling…

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Closed sign on store during COVID

Global Recession Increases Travel Health and Safety Risks

August 2020

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t only created health risks for business travellers – it has created several new safety risks too. Our security expert reveals how to avoid the new dangers created by the COVID economic downturn…

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Female traveller getting pickpocketed

COVID Travel Scams on the Rise, Warn Experts

August 2020

Are business travellers at greater risk of being targeted by criminals and fraudsters during COVID? Our security expert Rodger Cook explains why the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on economies worldwide creates new dangers for corporate travellers…

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