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Travellers face health and safety trouble abroad, even with insurance. And it’s hard to know which travel risk management provider will deliver, until it’s too late.

World Travel Protection proactively helps reduce risk by providing in-house, practicing clinicians, security and logistics experts who ensure travellers are prepared and supported in a moment of crisis. This differentiator gives organisations the resources they need to feel confident their people are safe.

Here is an overview of our risk management services that are available to support your organisation and their travellers.

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Travel Risk Management

Here at World Travel Protection, we specialise in global travel risk management services, which help support travellers on the ground and the risk managers responsible for their safety and wellbeing.
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Traveller Tracking Technology

With World Travel Protection’s travel risk management app, travellers have the ability to share their location within a general 5km radius. This ensures they receive relevant information while also alleviating concerns of constant tracking.
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Travel Risk Assessment

Our full suite of services helps employers decide if a business trip is appropriate and is there to support travellers if a security incident or medical emergency does occur.
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Travel Risk Management Tools

Our Travel Assist App and Travel Assist Portal can help keep travellers – and those responsible for them – safe and informed 24/7 via real-time updates wherever they are in the world.

Security & General Travel Assistance

Our global security assistance services are proactive and insights-driven, aimed at preventing threats before they become an issue. Through our world-class technology and intelligence tools, we empower travellers and their risk managers to make smarter, safer choices before, during and after their travels.

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Travel Security Assistance

Our security experts continually track global threats to help prevent or mitigate risks and keep our travellers safe. In the event of a security incident, we help remove travellers from harm’s way.
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Travel Assistance

We assist your organisation while you are planning your trip and in all aspects while you’re abroad. Our dedicated network of quality accredited service providers and innovative technologies support our clients and customers whenever and wherever they may require it.
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24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance

Our Command Centres help travellers in need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When an emergency arises, our team of practicing medical professionals and security experts are only a phone call away.

Travel Medical Assistance

We have over 30 years’ experience providing medical assistance services to travel managers. It can be intimidating trying to get care for your travellers whilst they’re aboard, but we will help to navigate foreign medical institutions for everything from daily illnesses to life threatening medical emergencies.
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Medical Repatriation

When necessary, we will help return sick or injured travellers back to their home country for medical treatment. Our medical repatriation services will maintain open and constant communication with the patient, their family and risk manager, as well as with the health care professionals at the destination hospital.
support for assistance providers service

Support For Assistance Providers

As an assistance provider, we know you care for your customers. We know you also want to offer them a seamless customer experience. When a travel assistance provider partners with us to look after their travellers, we look after their personnel as if they’re our own.

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COVID TravelCheck

Our TravelCheck’s COVID intelligence is powered by Riskline. With thousands of verification checks and over 400 policy updates each day, TravelCheck’s COVID-19 data is 100% human verified, ensuring you have reliable information for planning and preparing to travel safely.

Manage Travel Risk with the ISO 31030 Guidance

The ISO 31030 is an industry-first best practice framework that helps organisations evaluate and manage their travel risks effectively. We’ve developed an FAQ page and a self- audit guide to help you and your team review your travel risk policies and identify any potential gaps in your current processes.

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