Worldwide Medical & Travel Assistance Services

We help travellers get the best medical and travel assistance they need, when they need it.

With over 30 years’ experience providing emergency assistance to travellers, our World Travel Protection teams are equipped to keep travellers safe and provide their risk managers with extra peace of mind.

As a result of this experience, plus our preventative medical approach to travel assistance and best-in-class medical personnel, we are trusted to provide millions of travellers with 24/7 emergency medical assistance each year.

Our 24/7 International Medical Assistance

Our global team of World Travel Protection (WTP) medical consultants are all clinically practicing specialists as well, so when travellers need emergency medical support, expert help is available 24/7.

The medical team of registered nurses, paramedics and specialists aren’t only equipped to help provide medical assistance over the phone – our team of experts can also help travellers access the best medical care wherever they are in the world. This helps reduce stress for those in need, and also helps those responsible for their wellbeing ensure other potential risks are limited.

“Medical facilities available to travellers can vary greatly across the globe,” explains WTP Regional Chief Medical Officer – Asia Pacific, Dr Neil Slabbert. “At World Travel Protection, we have built relationships with some of the top medical practitioners and hospitals around the world to ensure our clients receive the best care and treatment wherever they are.”

Our Medical Assistance Service provides travellers and risk managers with:

  • Access to a network of nearly 85,000 global providers
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance
  • Bespoke operations procedures for corporations with travelling employees

Prevent Emergencies Before They Happen

At World Travel Protection, we support travelling personnel and their risk managers by considering all ‘reasonably foreseeable’ medical situations that may occur while they’re abroad and help mitigate any travel medical risks.

Our expert team’s preventative is possible thanks to:


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Individual Traveller Assessments

To help manage travel risks, we take into consideration the endemic health risks of the location our travellers are visiting, identify the medical infrastructure available to them in that country or area, and review the health profile of the traveller. This helps our team provide customised travel risk management solutions when and if they’re needed.

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Our Travel Assist App

The pre-trip advisory tools available via our World Travel Protection Travel Assist App are pushed to our travelling personnel via in-app alert notifications, helping them prepare for their trip. Learning about a destination before arrival helps mitigate risks, minimising the likelihood of medical or travel emergencies occurring.

What this means for travellers and their risk managers:

  • Increased travelling population wellbeing including mental health
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased duty of care
  • Decrease in the quantity of cases and claims
  • Significant financial savings

Get Access to Cost Avoidance and Cost Containment Capabilities

“We understand medical costs can be expensive, unpredictable, and vary throughout the world,” says WTP Regional Chief Medical Officer – Americas, Dr Joel Lockwood. “Still, providing our travellers with the best medical care is our top priority.”

However, to help provide travellers with access to quality medical care at a reasonable price, our World Travel Protection teams provide:

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Cost Avoidance Services

Our team of medical experts proactively consider ‘cost avoidance’ during each medical assistance case, without sacrificing our best-in-class medical care. Where and when we can avoid costs – which can be done when exercising right, well-timed decisions – we can help reduce unnecessary medical costs.

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Cost Containment Services

Our ‘cost containment’ methodology aims to help organisations save money while still providing premium care to their travellers. Our World Travel Protection teams strive to challenge, renegotiate and maximise the discounts with our global network of medical providers, passing on the savings to our travellers.

Over 98% per cent of our ~100,000 annual medical cases are resolved over the phone.

Our Travel Assistance Services

When the unexpected happens – big or small – we’re here to help. There are many travel risks our travellers may face while abroad, and our travel assistance team are experienced in navigating them and their risk managers through these scenarios.

Beyond overseas medical assistance, we have in-house travel support to liaise with airlines and transport services on our travellers’ behalf. This service can help get them on the next best available flight, assist with lost passports and other travel documents, locate local legal representation, and more.

Our World Travel Protection teams can also help take the stress off travellers and their risk managers during an emergency travel situation by coordinating emergency travel and accommodation arrangements, as well as facilitating emergency cash transfers if required.

Discover More About How We Help Protect Travellers

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