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7 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health While Travelling

Are you a business traveller planning your next work-related trip? Here are the top seven practical Strategies to protect your well-being during work-related travel.

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8 Expert Tips for Travelling With Allergies Safely

Travelling with allergies? Whether you’re nervous about flying with food allergies or travelling abroad, these tips can help ease the stress. ‎

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Revitalize Your Travels: 7 Essential Tips for Optimal Hydration on the Go

Heading on an airplane? Whether you’re city-hopping, travelling for work or tackling a big adventure, use these helpful tips to stay hydrated.

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Young woman waiting for flight at the airport lounge. Businesswoman sitting on a bench with coffee and using a mobile phone.

Empowering Solo Women Travellers: 7 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Safety 

Travelling alone as a woman can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you keep these health and security tips in mind.

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Are Large Scale Events Safe? Four Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Travelling to a festival or large-scale event? Discover the most important festival safety tips to avoid falling victim to crime while abroad. Read now.

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These Five Things Will Prepare You For A Medical Emergency

Planning a trip? While we hope emergencies don’t happen, they can. Read these five helpful tips for how to handle emergency situations while travelling.

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Travelling Gluten Free: Helpful Tips and Advice

Travelling with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world and experiencing the fun that comes with travel.

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7 Health Tips You Need to Know When Travelling With Children

Travelling with children can be a joy and a challenge for parents – these helpful nutrition and health tips will help you have a smoother journey.

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Travel Smart: Here Are Three Easy Tips To Avoid Jetlag

Are you a frequent business traveller or heading overseas on holiday? Try these three easy tips to avoid jetlag and start your trip on the right note.

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What is Travel Risk Management? Top 7 Ways It Will Help Your Org

Discover how travel risk management companies go above and beyond traditional travel insurance providers to support corporate travellers and expatriates.

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Four Tips For Travelling During Hurricane Season

Travelling during hurricane season can cause business travellers and holidaymakers more stress, however it can also make visiting a destination much more affordable.

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managing medication

Managing Medication While Travelling

Can I take medicine on the plane? How can I get prescription medication abroad? Get all the answers about managing medication while travelling here.

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Female reviewing travel risks on computer

The Big Difference Between Knowledge and Intelligence

Does your organisation only use knowledge to make decisions? Discover how security and risk intelligence support can improve your organisation’s decision making.

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How to Manage International Travel Risks During COVID

Are you eager to start travelling again? Read our top 10 expert international travel safety tips to help you assess COVID travel risks before they happen – and understand how to manage them if they do.

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Anxiety 101: Symptoms and Treatments

What is anxiety? Our medical expert reveals how you can learn to spot the signs and symptoms of anxiety. Plus, discover how to cope with anxiety in everyday life and while you’re travelling.

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Business Travellers in Airport

How to Manage Business Travel Anxiety

Do you travel for work? Does it leave you feeling anxious or stressed? Read our expert advice on how to avoid travel-related anxiety and stress while you’re travelling for business reasons.

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5 Ways to Avoid COVID-19 Health Risks While Travelling

Want to learn how to travel safely within your own country or internationally during the coronavirus pandemic? Discover our expert advice for protecting yourself and those around you from COVID-19.

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5 Expert Tips for Business Travellers in 2021

Concerned about COVID-19’s effect on business travel? We’ve created an expert travel safety checklist to help you navigate corporate travel during the global coronavirus pandemic with confidence.

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Revealed: Travel Security Risks Created by COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has created a host of medical and health travel risks, but are you prepared to mitigate the new travel security risks it has also created?

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7 Reasons You Need Travel Risk Management Support

Does your company have travelling personnel? Discover how travel risk management companies can provide the essential support corporate travellers and expatriates need.

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How to Manage Your Mental Health During Lockdown

Want to stay mentally healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic? Discover our Chief Medical Officer’s expert tips for feeling happy and healthy during lockdown.

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Listen to our Travel Podcast, NAVIGATE

Looking for a travel podcast that enhances the way you explore the world? In each episode of NAVIGATE, we speak with travel industry experts and everyday travellers to help you travel smarter.

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20 Questions Capability Document

What is Travel Risk Management?

Watch this webinar answering key questions on the travel risk management industry. Also get our free digital download with 20 questions to ask when choosing a travel risk management provider.

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5 items your travel policy needs document

Is your travel risk policy COVID-19 ready?

Watch our on-demand webinar and access our free one-pager discussing the 5 requirements your policy needs to meet and 15 questions to help you identify common gaps and mistakes.

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World Travel Protection ISO 31030 guides

Are you following the new ISO 31030 Travel Risk Guidance?

Quickly and easily compare your current travel risk policies to the new ISO 31030 guidance with the World Travel Protection self-audit tool.

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Newsroom: Travel Industry Press Coverage

Looking for top travel industry news? Discover key travel insights and thought leadership from our World Travel Protection experts via global press coverage.

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