Duty of Care & ISO 31030:

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The ISO 31030 is an industry first guidance with a best practice framework for travel risk management. This document is the first globally recognised standard for travel risk and World Travel Protection has created a one-of-a-kind ISO 31030 Self-Audit tool that accompanies it.

The self-audit tool breaks down concepts within the 160-page ISO 31030 document more simply, provides tangible exercises, and asks real questions that provide context as to whether your organisation’s travel risk management policy protects your people and fulfills your duty of care obligations.

Get ISO 31030 Self Audit Guide + 2 Free Hours Of Consulting

Why Use The ISO 31030 Self-Audit Guide?

  1. Understand why ISO 31030 is important to your organisation and understand your risk
  2. Understand your organisations duty of care responsibilities and how to align your travellers
  3. Learn how to fulfill these duties using the educate, locate, and communicate framework

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    World Travel Protection sits on the ISO 31030 board and has been a leader in establishing this standard since before its inception.

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