Travel safety starts before you step onto the plane

Travellers can face health and safety trouble abroad, despite having insurance. World Travel Protection proactively helps reduce inherent travel risks by providing access to in-house, practicing clinicians as well as security and logistics experts before you travel. Our team can prepare your organisation’s travellers before heading off to minimise unnecessary risks and ensure travellers, as well as travel managers, are supported in a moment of crisis.
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Travel Assistance Services Enhance Your Insurance

When planning a trip for your organisation, it’s important to understand the difference between travel insurance and travel assistance. Travel insurance coverage provides reactive financial protection against situations such as medical emergencies and lost expenses from delays, cancellations, or stolen items.

Travel assistance, on the other hand, helps proactively minimise damage or inconvenience caused by travel disruptions or emergencies that may arise while you’re away. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support is rapid and convenient to access, making it a necessary measure for risk managers who want to ensure duty of care, or travellers who would like an additional layer of support.

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How We Support You

Travel assistance can come in many forms. We take a holistic approach to assist you while you are planning the trip and at all stages while your organisation’s travellers are abroad. 
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Personal Support

We make it simple for you and your organisation’s travellers to receive the personal support they need. Our multilingual staff are available at all hours to support you in the planning process and while you are abroad.

Our clients can access country or region specific information prior to their trip and while on the go. This can include pre-trip information and assistance with inoculation and immunisation, currency exchange, visa requirements, travel advisories and more. 

No situation is too complex. After helping over a million travellers like yourself and your team, there are very few situations that we have not seen. We turn our full attention to solve the problem at hand, so you can travel with ease.

24/7 Security Assistance and Emergency Medical Support

You want World Travel Protection on your side in the throes of a crisis. Whether it is medical or security related, we act quickly to coordinate emergency travel and accommodation arrangements, medical repatriation, and connect you with the right healthcare. 

If a medical or security issue impacts your trip, simply click the emergency button within your Travel Assist app. This immediately shares your location and provides the option to call our 24-hour Command Centre for swift medical assistance services or to dispatch exit routes in the event of natural disasters or security risks.

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Travel Risk Management Technology

We have cutting edge travel risk management tools and over three decades of experience identifying, assessing and managing risks that could impact the safety, security or well-being of travellers. By proactively managing travel risks, organisations like yours can minimise disruptions and emergencies to protect both your employees and your business interests.

The Travel Assist Management Portal coupled with the Travel Assist App, keeps travellers safe and stakeholders informed at all times with country intelligence reports, integrated itineraries, location management, emergency responses and more.

The Travel Assistance Providers You Need

We have the on-the-ground experience that other service providers lack. Our dedicated network of quality, accredited service providers and innovative technologies support our clients and customers whenever and wherever they may require it.


Our travel assistance team is available with around-the-clock guidance and risk management support. This can be extremely helpful for travellers who find themselves in unfamiliar or challenging situations.


However, it’s our service that really sets us apart. We offer a personal touch. Only by forging strong relationships with our customers have we been able to succeed in this industry for over 30 years. 


To learn more about how our travel medical assistance services can help support travellers and businesses manage travel risks, get in touch with us today by simply filling out the form below.