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Travel Warning: Scopolamine’s Silent Threat to Tourists

Scopolamine, a substance found in some motion sickness medications, is being misused for criminal purposes in South America, particularly Colombia,
Young man packing the bag with documents, water,food, first aid kit and other items needed to survive

Top 10 First Aid Kit Essentials For Overseas Travel From A Medical Expert

If you find yourself unwell or injured abroad, a well-stocked first aid kit can make all the difference, sparing you
Vibrant soccer ball, trophy, and grass on Germany flag themed background

Stay Safe at EURO 2024: Expert Advice from A Security Expert

By incorporating these tips from Security Director, Kate Fitzpatrick and embracing Travel Risk Management best practices, you can not only
a young disabled man wearing a rainbow colored Shirt at a pride parade, celebrate pride month, love wins

New Insights Call for Greater Support for LGBTQ+ Business Travellers

Majority of employees agree travelling for work is less safe for LGBTQ+ community; here are some actionable steps to make
Outdoor healthcare worker using fogging machine spraying chemical to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent dengue fever in the midst of many chemical fumes on overgrown at slum area

TRAVEL UPDATE: Dengue Fever Outbreak

Dr. Vijay Bola shares an update on the dengue outbreak as well as tips to protect yourself against the illness.
Black woman, office and console man in stress, panic or talking with mental health support in workplace Professional, businesswoman and care for employee, coworker or management of work pressure

Balancing Act: Navigating Mental Health and Business Success in Travel

Survey sheds light on the nuanced relationship between business travel, organisational success, and mental health.
WTP Shoot

Why Work with a Travel Risk Management Company?

Emergencies don’t follow a schedule, and neither should your travel support system.
kate fitzpatrick

When Duty Calls: Discover the Inspiring Story of Travel Risk Management Expert

Unveiling the human side of world travel protection's regional security director and her role in crisis resolution.
large event safety

2024 Large Event Safety Guide: From Sporting Events, to Tradeshows

Navigate the electrifying energy of major events like Mardi Gras, the Paris Olympics, and Pride Day.
Business woman traveling in a private jet

Are Your Travellers Stressed & Homesick? Here’s How to Prioritise Their Wellbeing

Mental Health in the Workplace: Travel Risk Management Strategies for Employers

Ensuring LGBTQ+ Travel Safety: A Vital Priority for Pride Month

World Travel Protection Security Expert Provides Essential Tips for LGBTQIA+ Travelers and Companies with a Duty of Care
The happy businessman stands at the hotel reception and registers by filling out and signing the form Business trips, weekdays, lifestyle

Hotel Safety: Proactive Practices for Peace of Mind

Hotel safety is an important topic, especially if you’re travelling by yourself or to a foreign country. Follow these expert
Healthy asian woman doing yoga at the poolside, roof top of hotel with beautiful view

Fit Travel 2024: Your Exercise Cheat Sheet for a Healthier Journey

Here are six practical tips to seamlessly integrate exercise into your next business or leisure trip.
Police response

Navigating Safe Business Travel in 2024: Key Factors You Need To Plan for

In 2024, the realm of travel safety is swiftly changing. It's vital for companies to grasp the dynamic factors affecting

Top 3 Trends That Will Shape Business Travel in 2024

As 2024 approaches, the business travel landscape is poised for significant transformation, driven by a confluence of dynamic factors reshaping
woman business traveler on train working.

Top 10 Travel Risks This Winter & How To Address Them:

Expert Tips on How to Stay Safe and Secure While Traveling This Winter
Panic attack in public place Woman having panic disorder in cit

How to Reduce the Stress and Anxiety of Business Travel

The impact of business travel on mental health and how to create a more supportive workplace.
Woman looking at phone

Travel Safely: How to Assess the Safety of Your Destination

Want to travel safely? Learn how to assess the safety of your destination.
Expert Advice for Managing Mental Health During COVID 19 Lockdown 1 4

Expert Advice for Managing Mental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

Discover our Chief Medical Officer’s expert tips for feeling happy and healthy during a pandemic.
Man on street wearing face mask 4

Revealed: Travel Security Risks Created by COVID-19

Are you prepared to mitigate the new travel security risks that Covid-19 has created?
Female looking at security intelligence computer screens 4

The Big Difference Between Knowledge and Intelligence

Discover how security and risk intelligence support can improve your organisation’s decision making.
asian woman at airport with covid mask 4

Managing Medication While Travelling

Get all the answers about managing medication while travelling, here.
travelling in a hurricane 5

Four Tips For Travelling During Hurricane Season

Travelling during hurricane season can cause business travellers and holidaymakers more stress, but are the lower prices appealing?
travel risk management 1 4

What is Travel Risk Management? Top 7 Ways It Will Help Your Organisation

Discover how travel risk management companies go above and beyond traditional travel insurance providers to support corporate travellers and expatriates.
business woman tired e1668494989240 816x360 1 4

Travel Smart: Here Are Three Easy Tips To Avoid Jetlag

Are you a frequent business traveller or heading overseas on holiday? Try these easy tips to avoid jetlag.
travelling with children 2 4

7 Health Tips You Need to Know When Travelling With Children

These helpful nutrition and health tips will help you have a smoother journey as parents.
travel gluten tips 1 4

Travelling Gluten Free: Helpful Tips and Advice

Travelling with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world and enjoying travel.
medical emergency 1 4

These Five Things Will Prepare You For A Medical Emergency

Read these five helpful tips for how to handle emergency situations while travelling.
large scale events safety 1 4

Are Large Scale Events Safe? Four Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Travelling to a festival or large-scale event? Discover the most important festival safety tips to avoid falling victim to crime.
empowering solo female travellers 1 4

Empowering Solo Women Travellers: 7 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Safety

Travelling alone as a woman can be daunting – but these health and security tips should help to change that.
revitalise travels hydration 1 4

Revitalize Your Travels: 7 Essential Tips for Optimal Hydration on the Go

Whether you’re city-hopping, travelling for work or tackling a big adventure, use these helpful tips to stay hydrated.
travelling with allergies 1 4

8 Expert Tips for Travelling With Allergies Safely

Travelling with allergies? If you’re nervous about travelling with food allergies, these tips can help ease the stress. ‎
7 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health While Travelling 816x360 1 4

7 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health While Travelling

Discover the top seven practical strategies to protect your well-being during work-related travel.
blog medications

Managing Medications Across Time-zones

We’ve put together a couple of steps to ensure you are fully prepared for your next trip.
blog healthy travel

Balancing Business Travel and Your Wellbeing

5 Practical Tips for Navigating the Demands of Work Travel and Prioritising Your Health and Connections.
blog stretching

7 Stretches to do After a Long Haul Flight

Here are seven quick stretches targeting different areas of the body to try after your next flight, to avoid soreness.
blog safe sun

Staying Safe in the Sun

To help protect yourself against sun damage and skin cancer we suggest using a combination of these five steps.
blog emergency

How to Handle an Emergency

To help prepare you for any eventualities, we’ve put together 5 helpful tips to keep in mind before your next
blog travel fitness

How to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Travel Schedule

Take these tips on board to help you continue exercise on your travels.
blog sleep habits

Healthy Sleep Habits

We've highlighted the behaviours that promote better sleep patterns and help you to get a good night’s sleep.
blog hurrican2

Travelling During Hurricane Season

If you choose to travel to hurricane impacted areas, following these steps will help you be prepared.
blog female2

Safety Tips for Females Travelling

These tips outline some of the key things all women should keep in mind when travelling to stay safe.
blog packing2

How to Pack For Any Trip

To help prep for your next trip we’ve put together our top tips to get your clothing packing organised.
blog pilgram2

Travelling Safe on a Pilgrimage

If you are embarking on a pilgrimage, it’s important to make sure you are prepared and protected for your trip.
blog nighttime2

A Good Night Time Routine

If you’re waking up tired more often than not, try some of our helpful tips to reset your sleep pattern.
blog post holiday2

Getting Back on Track Post-holiday

Our simple steps will help you ease back into your routine and could see you pick up some healthier habits.
blog over65

Travelling for the Over-65s

Here are some health and nutrition tips to consider for the older traveller.
blog female travel

Staying Healthy and Safe as a Solo Female Traveller

By following some simple tips, you can remain safe on your travels and have a great time.
blog india

India in Focus – Health Insights

Here are some important issues to be aware of while traveling in India.
blog health tips

Health Tips for the Frequent Traveller

If you are a frequent traveller, there are a number of strategies you should consider to stay healthy and productive.
blog sea sickness

Sea Sickness

Almost everybody will experience sea-sickness on the rough seas, and some can be affected even when it’s relatively calm.
blog kokoda

Nutrition Preparation for the Kokoda Trail

While you are training for the trek, try to improve your diet and become familiar with these dietary strategies.
blog hydratiion

Importance of Hydration Whilst Travelling

It’s easy to forget to drink sufficient quantities of water, especially if you have a busy travel schedule.
blog eat drink

Eating and Drinking Whilst Travelling in Asian Countries

Here are some helpful tips to avoid gastroenteritis during your travels.
blog bali focus

Bali in Focus

Here we look at three common health risks for travellers to the popular travel destination of Bali.
blog0nut sml children

Nutrition and Health When Travelling With Small Children

Travelling with small children can be a challenge for parents. Help prepare for a healthy trip with these tips.
blog nutrition hiking

Nutrition Tips for Hiking Trips

Here are some simple nutrition tips for your next outdoor adventure.
blog high alt

High Altitudes – How to Travel Safely

It is important to be aware of ‘altitude illness’ or ‘acute mountain sickness’, and how to manage it.
blog cruising

Cruising – How to Stay Healthy

Here are some travel tips to ensure your cruise is smooth sailing.
blog eat sleep

How to Eat For a Better Sleep

We’ve outlined below our top tips that may help you eat your way to good sleep.
blog travel snacks

Healthy Snack Tips to Keep You Exploring Longer

If you’ve got a big day planned, follow our snacking tips that will keep you exploring longer.
blog diabetes

Travelling with Diabetes

To help, we’ve put together our top advice for those travelling with diabetes.
blog ski safe

Tips For Your Next Ski Holiday

We’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you enjoying the slopes for many holidays to come.
blog kids holidays

Top Tips for Family Adventures

To kick off the planning of your next family adventure, we’ve put together a list of some top considerations.
blog expecting

What to Expect, When You’re Expecting

You are travelling for two, and pregnancy does bring with it added considerations before taking a trip.
blog exercise2

Three Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

We’ve put together our top three exercises you can do from absolutely anywhere.
blogf animals

Playing Safe with the Animal Kingdom

To keep you safe we’ve put together some key points to consider on your next journey.
blog food safe2

Escaping Food Poisoning

There are a few simple points we can all keep in mind to avoid the horrible wrath that food-poisoning brings.
blog healthy flight

Ensuring a Healthy Flight

Here are some tips to help you stay well on your flight.
blog time zone

Managing Time Zone Changes – How to Best Adjust

How to adjust to multiple time zone changes when travelling long distances.
blog jeet

Leave Your Jetlag on the Plane

Whether you’re arriving at your destination or coming home, jetlag is something we all want to avoid.
blog dtv

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Explained

Find out why keeping yourself mobile on long-haul flights is important.
blog precautions

Vaccinations – Be Safe, Not Sorry

To make sure you don’t miss any vital vaccinations, we’ve developed a list of key things to know before travelling.
blog sleep

Sleep! How to Get the Best Rest While Travelling

We’ve asked the experts for their tips on how to get the best in-flight sleep.
blog airport stress

Flight Ready: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Business Travel

We’ve put together our top tips for being prepared and keeping stress at bay on your next flight.

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