Flight Ready: Your Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Business Travel

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Don’t let work trips overwhelm you. Explore our hacks for a hassle-free journey, covering everything from timely airport arrivals to efficient hand luggage packing.

I think most of us would agree, our lives juggling work, family and everything in between are already stressful enough. Adding a work trip to the mix, no matter how frequently you travel, can sometimes be enough to send us over the edge. To keep your head space clear for the task ahead, we’ve put together our top tips for being prepared and keeping stress at bay on your next flight.

Crowd of people waiting in airport

Plan your journey to the airport, early

Having to rush from the moment you arrive at the airport to your terminal gate is an experience that will send many into a panic. When it comes to air travel, being early is always better—so think about how you’re going to get to the airport beforehand.

If your flight departs from an airport you haven’t been to before, you may need more time than usual to find your check-in desk and gate (in Dubai, gates can take up to 45 minutes to get to from security!). Allow plenty of time and look at the different options for travel. If you know you’re travelling at a time that may be impacted by traffic, see if there’s a public transport option like a train.

Check your airline’s policies

While most airlines will suggest you abide by the rule of arriving at least two hours before departure for domestic flights and three for international, they may differ in their check-in and baggage drop off cut off times. To reduce the risk of missing your flight (or cutting it too close) make sure to read up on your airline’s policies beforehand.

Have ‘one’ place for all your documents

Everyone can relate to that gut wrenching feeling of when your passport is not in the place you thought. Decide on one place for your key documents, preferably in a small bag or compartment that’s separated from your other luggage and easily accessible. Then don’t forget to put them back there each, and every time!

a baggage inspection system, security and safety concept

Pack your hand luggage like you’re going to the airport

We’ve all seen that person who has to dig to the bottom of their bag at security to get their liquids out for screening. Most security checks require you to remove liquids (making sure they are under 100ml) and large electronics such as laptops—so pack wisely! Make it as easy as possible to quickly grab the necessary items out of your luggage when you need to. And always make sure to check your bag is completely empty before you pack.

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