Managing Medications Across Time-zones

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Managing your medication dosage can be challenging even when you’re at home in your regular routine. While adding travel and a different time-zone into the mix can cause disruption to your schedule, that doesn’t mean your condition and medication requirements should prevent you from travelling all together. The key to safely managing your medications is preparation. To help, we’ve put together a couple of steps to ensure you are fully prepared for your next trip.

Step 1. Consult your doctor

When you start to plan your trip it’s important to consult your doctor and ensure you are fit to travel. Your doctor will be able to assist with your prescriptions, any specific health requirements you may have as well as how to manage your medications through time-zones. If you have a planned itinerary including flight details take it along to your consultation as a prompt to ensure you ask all the questions you need answering.

Step 2. Plan your dosage schedule

The best way to manage your medications through any journey, is not to leave it up to chance. With the help of your doctor you should be able to determine a dosage schedule that will ensure you take your medication when you need it while also making sure you don’t take too little or too much throughout your flight. Importantly you need to choose what time-zone you are going to align your dosage schedule too and stick to it. Writing down the times will also help you plan out your meals and when you should eat depending on how your medications are prescribed to be taken, with food or an empty stomach.

Step 3. Pack your medication in your hand luggage

It may seem pretty self-explanatory, but your prescription medication can often be an afterthought when it comes to packing your hand luggage. If you are needing to take medication throughout your journey, place it in an easy to access location (not at the bottom of your bag!). We would also suggest taking a copy of your prescription and a letter from your doctor explaining your condition, just in case you need to answer any questions at security. This can be particularly important for those travelling with syringes or other sharp objects.

Step 4. Set reminders

Once you step on that plane, it can be as if the rules of time no longer apply. So even with your nicely marked out schedule and plan, it can be easy to slip up and find yourself either falling asleep or getting too engrossed in that inflight movie. To avoid any hiccups, set yourself reminders. There are lots of ways new technology can help with this. Digital watches and smart phones can be programmed to set multiple alarms across different time zones, or if you’re using an iPad or other tablet device you may want to use a medication scheduling app or other program. Whichever option works best for you – those little reminders will keep you on track and taking your medication consistently.

We hope these steps help you start to plan your journey and manage your medications across time-zones. For more tips on healthy travel make sure to visit our blog home page.