Stay Safe at EURO 2024: Expert Advice from A Security Expert

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In an emergency, the first reaction is often panic: here are our top tips to be prepared.

As millions of football fans prepare to descend on Germany for EURO 2024, staying safe and avoiding risk should be top priorities, advises Kate Fitzpatrick, Security Director at World Travel Protection, a global travel risk management organisation.

The tournament kicks off on 14 June in Munich Football Arena and concludes on 14 July in Berlin’s Olympiastadion. Matches will also be held in Cologne, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Stuttgart.

“While Germany is generally safe, any large-scale event can bring disruptions and unrest,” Fitzpatrick notes. “The country’s infrastructure will be pushed to its limits—from transport and accommodation to food and drink outlets. It’s essential for fans to be vigilant and take steps to minimise any risk.”

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15 Key Safety Tips To Stay Safe At Euro 2024:

In an emergency, the first reaction is often panic and shock; thus, preparation is key to help mitigate risks while travelling to and attending large events. By incorporating these tips from Security Director, Kate Fitzpatrick and embracing Travel Risk Management best practices, you can not only navigate any large event safely but also transform it into a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Proactively Prepare:

“In a crisis situation, think old school – before we had technology and smartphones as these can fail during an emergency,” says security expert Kate Fitzpatrick.

Hard Copies: Carry hard copies of essential information—phone numbers, passport, insurance details, and next of kin contacts. Ensure everyone in your group has these details.

Know Your Surroundings: Research your routes and keep an up-to-date map with key locations, including the stadium and transport hubs, marked. Download offline maps on your smartphone.

Tracking: Consider sharing phone locations with the people in your group. For those travelling with school or business, your organisation might have a traveller tracking app such as Travel Assist you can use.

Agree to an Emergency Meeting Place: With large crowds, it can be easy to get separated so have an agreed meeting place.

Emergency Numbers & Providers: Know the emergency number for Germany and the EU (112). Locate the nearest hospitals and mark them on your map.

Airport / train station: Orientate yourself with where your main transport exit destination is located. Write down the directions from the hotel or stadium. If the airport is over-congested, it might be worth heading to another transport hub by train, then getting a flight home.

Transport: A reputable local taxi firm can be a good option as they know the local area and will be abreast of the latest news. Pick up a card for one on arriving.

Power Backup: Carry a power pack and spare chargers. Remember the country-specific adapter.

Cash: Keep some cash on hand as cards might not work during power outages.

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Safety When Something Goes Wrong:

In an emergency, the first reaction is often panic and shock. However, by remembering these tips you’ll be a step ahead of the rest.

Smartphones: In a security situation, phone signals may be blocked by authorities or be simply overloaded. Keep vital information, including your hotel’s details and directions, in your phone’s notes and have backup hard copies.

Stay Informed: Monitor reliable news sources and government websites for updates. Download a travel risk app or set up news alerts to be the first informed. Avoid relying on social media for accurate information.

Stay Alert: The end of events, when people are relaxed, is a vulnerable time. Maintain awareness and don’t get complacent in large crowds.

React Quickly: If you notice red flags regarding your safety, remove yourself from the situation immediately.

Find a Safe Place: If you feel in danger because of protests or unrest, find somewhere you can shelter temporarily like a café or restaurant.

Petty Thieves: Always remain vigilant and keep your valuables close. In crowded situations, there will always be more opportunistic thieves. Also leave expensive watches and jewellery at home to avoid being a target.

“Also, any environment where alcohol is in the mix brings with it more risk. Keep alcohol consumption to responsible levels when out and about in case there isa need to evacuate the stadium or a venue quickly. Keep the celebrations until you are back in a safe environment. Enjoy the tournament, but always prioritise your safety,” says Fitzpatrick.


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