When Duty Calls: Discover the Inspiring Story of Travel Risk Management Expert

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Unveiling the Human Side of World Travel Protection’s Regional Security Director and Her Role in Crisis Resolution


Imagine you’re on a business trip abroad, when suddenly disaster strikes. An earthquake hits, leaving you stranded and scared. Who do you call? For business travellers around the world serviced by World Travel Protection, that call goes to Kate Fitzpatrick, EMEA’s Regional Security Director. In a world where chaos can strike at any moment, the guardians of safety often emerge from unexpected corners. This international women’s day, we’re giving a nod to Kate Fitzpatrick, the unsung hero behind the scenes of World Travel Protection. Her tale is not just one of duty, but of humanity, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of travellers worldwide.

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From Afghanistan to the Command Centre

Kate’s background is as impressive as it is adventurous. With experience in law enforcement and security roles across the globe, from Afghanistan to Europe, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Now, at World Travel Protection’s state-of-the-art Command Centre in London, she’s on call 24/7, leading a team dedicated to providing expert assistance to travellers in need. Once the risks faced by potential travellers are understood, she and her team gather and use that knowledge to protect travellers both proactively, and in a crisis event.

Educate, Locate, Communicate

This is the ethos that drives Kate and her team. She and her team don’t just react to emergencies; they proactively educate clients about potential risks, locate them in case of trouble, and maintain constant communication to ensure their safety. In Kate’s own words, “We educate, locate, communicate. That’s our ethos.” This model forms the three key components to a successful Travel Risk Management program.

A Passion for People

But Kate’s dedication goes beyond protocol. She possesses a genuine empathy for the travellers she helps. When a client is in distress, Kate doesn’t just offer solutions; she offers a listening ear and a reassuring voice. Kate often receives calls while she’s away from her desk; out of nowhere the phone will ring. “It will be a case manager, and they’ll say, ‘Kate, we have a situation, can you take the call?’ ” The thing is, it’s usually not phrased as a question. “I might not get all the background. It could just be ‘assault, in whatever country, drug-related, they’ve been mugged, they’ve been raped, they’ve been to the police, but the police may be corrupt, and they’ve been no help.’ “I’m security,” she continues. “I don’t advise on policy, I don’t get involved in insurance, I don’t say yes or no to costs. That’s not my job. My job is purely to be advisory and help them in a difficult situation. It’s like, ‘OK, you need to do this. Did you think about this? What about this?’ That’s where I come in.”

Breaking Barriers

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, Kate’s journey hasn’t always been easy. However, at World Travel Protection, she’s found a company that values her expertise and contributions. “In almost two years, I’ve never felt discriminated against in any way,” she says. “I feel completely equal, and that’s the first time in my whole career I’ve ever felt that.”

More Than Just Security

Kate’s story is a testament to the human side of travel risk management. It’s not just about logistics and protocols; it’s about protecting people, empowering them to travel safely, and giving them peace of mind. World Travel Protection is proud to have Kate on our team, a woman who is both a security expert and a compassionate advocate for traveller well-being.
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