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At its core, travel risk management is all about keeping employees safe while they are on the road. By implementing effective medical and safety policies and capabilities, businesses can help reduce the risks associated with travel.

There are three core capabilities organisations and schools should focus on when building their travel program:

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Having the tools and resources available to ‘Locate’ and ‘Communicate’ with travelling employees is a key component of a comprehensive Travel Risk management Program.

Our Travel Assist technology supports both capability requirements.

Travel Technology

At World Travel Protection, we use innovative technology to help business travellers and their risk managers identify, assess and mitigate risks that may occur during travel. Our solutions can be accessed via the Travel Assist Management Portal, Travel Assist App or by calling our support line 24-hours a day 7 days a week.

The Travel Assist Management Portal can be accessed via your phone or computer. It is a one-stop solution that enables an organisation’s risk manager to monitor global risks, locate their travellers and communicate with them, and identify where and if threats may occur.

The Travel Assist App, on the other hand, is a mobile application that travellers should have on their phones at all times while they are abroad. It informs and alerts travellers on-the-ground of emerging or endemic risks directly in their travel path. As well as, gives them the mechanism to call for help.

Together, these travel tools provide an important means for travellers, risk managers and our 24/7 Command Centre to communicate with each other and manage a more coordinated response to incidents. By implementing these travel tools, businesses can help keep their employees safe and reduce the risks associated with travel.

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However, it also comes with a certain amount of risk. You never know what might happen while you’re on the road so having the right travel tools in place will ensure your business trip is successful.

At World Travel Protection our technology is transforming the corporate travel industry. Using our travel tools, you can send your business travellers abroad with peace of mind.

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Quick & Easy Communication

Using geo-location technology via the Travel Assist App, our Travel Assist Portal displays travellers’ locations. If they may be impacted by a world event, both our World Travel Protection team and an organisation’s staff can communicate with them directly via the portal to determine if they are safe or in need of help.

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Dashboard Overview

The Travel Assist Portal provides an organisation’s risk managers or those responsible for travelling staff, students or customers with a snapshot summary of alerts and potential risks that may affect their travellers throughout the world in real-time.

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Country Intelligence

Risk managers or internal staff responsible for travellers can review current, in-depth information about countries where their travellers are currently located or plan on travelling to, including crime rates, terrorism threats, and natural hazards.

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Integrated Itineraries

Travel management companies are integrated with our Travel Assist Portal, automatically feeding all itinerary bookings and changes directly into our portal so organisations can see their travellers’ plans in one place.

Discover our Travel Assist App

Our Travel Assist App helps travellers on the ground to take ownership of their own safety, continuously monitor their environment, or call for reassurance or further information about emerging or evolving situations if they need.

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Location Sharing

Travellers have the ability to share their location within a general 5km radius. This ensures they receive relevant information while alleviating concerns of constant tracking. High-precision tracking is also available and is triggered when the traveller activates the emergency call button.

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Countries of Interest

To help travellers better prepare for future trips, they have the power to add any number of countries to their interest list within our Travel Assist App. Once added, they’ll gain access to each country’s intelligence report and can view all alerts for those countries on the app.

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24/7 Emergency Assistance

Our Travel Assist App connects travellers to emergency help whenever they need it. If a medical or security issue impacts their trip, they can click the ‘Emergency Assistance’ button within our app. This provides the option to call our 24-hour Command Centre.

Our Technology

Traveller Tracking Portal and App Powered by Onsolve, Informed by Riskline

225 Countries

High Precision GPS

Map View of Travellers

Over 20 Languages

Incident Monitoring & Reporting

We go wherever you go. At World Travel Protection, we cover 225 countries in over 20 languages to help you avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Plus, our high precision GPS and location sharing capacities allow us a map view of travellers so no travellers get left behind.

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