Minimise Travel Disruptors to Maximise Successful Trips

It’s not enough to react after something goes wrong. A comprehensive travel program prepares employees, staff and students to travel before they go – while also ensuring they’re supported if something does go wrong.

Travel risk management is an important part of any organisation’s overall travel safety program. By understanding the risks associated with corporate travel, organisations can ensure their employees are safe and secure when travelling.

What Is Travel Risk Management?

Travel risk management involves assessing the potential risks associated with travel and putting steps in place to mitigate those risks or travel disruptors.

At World Travel Protection, we’ve broken Travel Risk Management down into three core capabilities:


The organisation and travellers needs to be aware of potential risks, policies, and contact information.


Organisations need to be able to locate travellers at all times in the event of a crisis.


Travellers and their organisation should have the ability to communicate should a risk change or the traveller need help.


To help organisations understand what risks their travellers will face, so they can properly educate them before leaving, each trip should begin with a risk assessment.

We created a unique risk factor framework to support organisations and schools when assessing each trip:


Each person has a unique risk profile that affects their safety, such as age, gender, sexuality, religion, and ethnicity.


The location plays a key factor in determining potential threats to the traveller from petty crime and local protests to natural disasters.


What the traveller will be doing during their stay – and local sentiment – can influence their safety and risk of being targeted.

After identifying the potential travel risks, a company should ensure their employees have the training to mitigate foreseeable risk and resources to call upon should an incident occur.

Resources needed to fulfill the ‘Locate’ and ‘Communicate’ part could include travel technology, real-time alerts, and 24/7 access to medical and security assistance.

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Manage Travel Risk with the ISO 31030 Guidance

Whether you’re excited or overwhelmed by the new ISO 31030 standards – these resources are for you.

We’ve developed an FAQ page and a self- audit guide to help you and your team review your travel risk policies.

The guide will help you to quickly understand what’s working and any potential gaps in your current processes.

Benefits of Travel Risk Management

With improved safety measures in place, organisations can reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring while also maximising the impact and success of their business trips. And by implementing a travel risk management program, businesses can protect their employees and customers, as well as maintain compliance with legal regulations and health standards. Travel risk management solutions provide organisations with a number of advantages, including:

Access to important destination travel advice pre-trip

Efficient, top-level care in the event of an incident

Access to cost-saving measures

Real-time alerts about changing global conditions

Training to help travellers to manage risk 

How Travel Risk Management Can Help My Organisation

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Travel Risk Management Tech & Tools

With the rise of globalisation, more and more businesses are sending employees to travel to different parts of the world. While this can be exciting for employees, it can also be dangerous.

By using digital tools with 24/7 global monitoring, organisations and schools can identify potential areas of risk in the country they are travelling to. This allows travel managers to monitor employee safety and security while they are on the road and have the intel and foresight to determine whether or not to send them on the trip.

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Traveller Location Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring employee journeys is critical. With World Travel Protection’s travel risk management software, travellers have the control to determine if they wish to share precise location or an approximate location within 5km/3miles of where they are located. This ensures they receive relevant information while also alleviating concerns of constant tracking. Location sharing also provides proactive
communication to travellers with up-to-date notifications of events based on
their proximity.

High-precision tracking is also available and triggered when the traveller activates the emergency call button in their Travel Assist App.

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Trip Risk Assessments

Effective safety is all about assessing and mitigating risk in different environments. This is especially important when sending employees on business trips, whether local or abroad. In order to ensure the safety of a corporate traveller, a travel risk assessment should be conducted prior to departure.

These can involve researching the destination for any potential dangers, confirming the traveller has comprehensive travel insurance coverage and assistance capabilities, and outlining clear emergency procedures in case of trouble. World Travel Protection helps you compile your travel risk assessment and take care of any emergencies or complications, should they occur.

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Duty of Care Obligation

Companies are held accountable for complying with their duty of care obligation when sending employees away on business trips. Our travel risk management programs help you fulfill your duty of care obligations. Using our self-audit tool, organisations can benchmark travel risk management policies against the ISO 31030 standard. This is a great way to ensure that you’re protecting your people in the right way and fulfilling your duty of care obligations.

Travel Risk Management Solutions

Wherever you are in the world – or whoever you’re responsible for keeping safe – our travel risk management tools are what you need. They can provide vital support for business travellers, expatriates and employees.

By applying our solutions to your particular situation, businesses can ensure both peace of mind for travellers and safety for their resources in the case of any unforeseen issues that may arise during travel.

Discover how we can help you and your team by scheduling a demonstration of our World Travel Protection Travel Risk Management Solutions. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.