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No traveller plans to be involved in a security incident, but incidents can – and do – happen. World Travel Protection global security specialists understand the risks and the potential impact that incidents have on travellers and those responsible for them. We’re here to help you navigate these situations with greater safety and ease.

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Avoid Risks Before They Even Happen

At World Travel Protection, we know organisations want to ensure their travellers are safe. To do that, organisations have historically purchased insurance with a focus on financial protection against potential incidents.

This traditional approach is activated when things don’t go to plan. And despite having the right protection in place after an incident occurs, it leaves travellers more vulnerable than you might think.

Why? Because it doesn’t factor in the reality that many travel disruptors – and consequent insurance claims – could’ve been avoided entirely with the right education and training.

That’s where we come in. Our global security team can support your organisation to help evolve your travel safety programs to increase focus on proactive aspects of risk mitigation – helping you and your travellers avoid incidents before they even happen.

“Our international security team has access to up-to-date intelligence that most travellers and corporations with travelling workforces do not,” says Rodger Cook, World Travel Protection’s General Manager – Security Services, who oversees intelligence-gathering operations from our state-of-the-art 24/7 Command Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

“Together, our travel risk management experts use our technology to help mitigate risks via real-time alerts delivered to travellers on-the-ground, wherever they may be.”

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Our Travel Security Solutions for Travellers and Travel Managers

At World Travel Protection, our global security assistance services are proactive and insights-driven, aimed at preventing threats before they become an issue. Through our world-class technology and intelligence tools, we empower travellers and their risk managers to make smarter, safer choices before, during and after their travels.

We do this through the framework:

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Educate Resources

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Country Analysis

Our Travel Assist Manager Portal, Traveller Portal and App contain detailed country and city guides that are continuously updated, providing risk managers and travellers with important information around a dozen different risk factors such as political instability, conflict, unrest, crime and natural or environment risks. This information helps risk managers make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Security Training

To enhance traveller safety and help them mitigate potential risks, we offer our travellers and their risk managers invaluable security training. Conducted either on-site or via video call, our security experts can train travellers to spot and deal with potential security risks. We also offer bespoke training programs tailored to a company’s policies and procedures.

Our World Travel Protection team also offers additional security training solutions to ensure travellers and their risk managers are well-prepared for a wide range of travel risks while away from home. Examples include:

  • Active Shooter Safety Training
  • Female Traveller Safety Training
  • LGBTQ+ Travel Awareness Training
  • Global Road Safety Training
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Risk Assessments

At World Travel Protection, we support clients in implementing a simple yet comprehensive risk assessment framework:


Each person has a unique risk profile that affects their safety, such as age, gender, sexuality, religion, and ethnicity.


The location plays a key factor in determining potential threats to the traveller from petty crime and local protests to natural disasters.


What the traveller will be doing during their stay – and local sentiment – can influence their safety and risk of being targeted.

Locate Resources

Travel Assist App

Our World Travel Protection security experts and risk managers can keep in contact with travellers via our market-leading Travel Assist App. Its precision tracking capabilities mean our security team can locate the user with pinpoint accuracy in an emergency to continually assess any potential risks and exit routes in real-time. And the location masking features enables traveller locations to fall within a 5k radius – promoting privacy and improving utilisation rates while still providing them with relevant information for their location.

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“A lot of businesses – particularly small and medium-sized enterprises – don’t necessarily have the resources to identify threats and make informed decisions,” says Cook.

“By continually monitoring global threats from within our Command Centres, we can relay relevant information to travellers immediately via our Travel Assist App and to their risk managers via our Travel Assist Portal. This helps ensure travellers can make the right decisions at the right time and get help if they need it.”

General Manager – Security Services, Rodger Cook

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Evacuation Coordination

Should a traveller find themselves in an unsafe situation while overseas, our security assistance network can be deployed to support an evacuation. Updates via our Travel Assist Portal ensure their risk managers stay informed throughout the situation, giving them extra peace of mind.

Communicate Resources

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24/7 Overseas Security Assistance

When a security incident – such as a riot, political uprising, terrorist attack or natural disaster – puts travellers or expatriates at risk, help is only a phone call away. Our emergency assistance team is available to offer support and advice 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year via phone or our easy-to-use app.

Real-Time Security Alerts

Security threats can evolve rapidly and change fundamentally, and they can affect travellers on both short and long trips. Our automated pre-trip and mid-trip security alerts ensure we’re keeping our travellers continually informed of the most up-to-date security information affecting their plans and safety.

Putting Traveller Safety First

“Forewarned is forearmed,” says Cook. “By monitoring security threats and risks, our teams are equipped to determine the actions required to tackle security challenges before they arise, helping us to protect and save our travellers lives.”


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