Traveller Information

Travel Tips

Here at World Travel Protection we are committed to preparing our traveller’s prior to leaving home whether it be a business trip, holiday with the family or a student on an exchange program.

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Useful Links

Some useful travel websites and contact information.

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Travelling with food allergies

Tips for travelling with food allergies

Allergies can be common, especially amongst children. At times, allergies may deter people from travelling due to some of the uncontrollable and unpredictable aspects of travel and the range of likely events to which one may be exposed.

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Preventing and managing sea sickness

Sea sickness

There is nothing quite like being on a boat, breathing in the fresh sea air, and being somewhat dependent on the weather conditions and the sea. Unfortunately, almost everybody will experience sea-sickness on the rough seas, and some can be a ected even when it’s relatively calm.

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