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If your organisation hasn’t revisited its travel risk policy in the last 12 months, now’s the time to do so. But before you do, download this guide. You’ll also gain access to an on-demand webinar where our General Manager of Global Security Services, Rodger Cook, explains the guide in more detail.

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Whether your institution has three travellers or 3,000 it’s critical in today’s global business market to ensure safe travel when pursuing the next opportunity. Explore the five ways organisations can make business travel safer for its travellers.

Academic Travel at World Travel Protection

Learn best practices in managing short and long-term trips for safe travel as well as what needs to be in place to support travellers after an incident occurs. Plus, gain access to a 30-minute webinar, where we discuss the unique challenges for academic travel worldwide.

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Hear about trends you need to be versed in with travel and risk management, as well as medical cost containment/avoidance and how the ISO 31030 industry guidance fits into your travel policy. Explore the webinar and resources now. 

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Access Navigating Crisis Situations an in depth whitepaper and guide to safeguard your business and travellers against unforeseen events. You’ll also gain access to our exclusive webinar where disaster resilience experts discuss the broader effects of events and how organisations can proactively prepare for a crisis.

Duty of Care at world travel protection

Discover the essentials of Duty of Care for your travellers in our comprehensive whitepaper. Additionally, gain access to our webinar led by our security experts who guide you through the Duty of Care and leave you with recommendations for improvements.

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We’ve developed a self-audit tool and FAQ page to help you and your team review your travel risk policies. The guide breaks down concepts within the 48-page ISO 31030 document more simply, so you can benchmark your travel policy more effectively. Also get access to our exclusive webinar, co-hosted by industry expert Frank Harrison, where you’ll discover how your organisation can protect its people and fulfill a duty of care. 

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When reviewing providers, it can be hard to know what questions to ask. You might be comparing two or three that seem similar and you’re not sure who to go with. Explore the 20 questions you should ask travel management providers to make sure they’re the right fit for your organisation. Plus, get access to the our webinar, where you’ll gain insights into the industry and how it works to support you and your travellers. 

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